Portraits Poetry Series #45: Untold History Read Between Brushstrokes

Portraits Series


Her flushed cheeks and warm smile
The lace of her headdress
Softly fluttering in the breeze
She’s thinking something
And his pale glance says
He reads it in her eyes
He is smitten by her.
The boat rocks
And waves rattle
Gently beneath them
They sway and sashay
Across the silent waters
Pillows beneath her back
She reclines – a delicate princess
And he has come a’courting
His baroque tights and plated chest
Puffed with pride and elegance
The lyre rests on his hip
Yet something is missing
And I can’t help but see it
Though art is beauty
Captured in the moment
A tale spoken in soft whisper
A poem spun with grandest silk
I wonder where all the color has gone
What shades of meaning
Silently linger on the canvas
For I know such people exist
And yet they’re not portrayed
They fade in the distance
Never to be seen
Those whose faces etch with time and grace
Whose beauty lingers in ebony skin
Where a deeper story is told
Through lives yet unknownst to me
Yet all I see – is faded imagery
Of what is treasured
It tells a story
Of exclusivity.

© Sumyanna 2016


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