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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Never Alone in My Solitude

I seek the solitude

Of low hung flower,


The whisper of the breeze

As it settles and resettles

The calmness in my soul

That gentle sway,

And her delicate dance that moves me.


I seek the solitude

Of the wrinkles, the curves

Of decays last calling out


The end of a season,

But her beauty lingers still

Waiting to be noticed…


I seek the solitude

Of the moments before

A butterfly’s flight


When newly stretched wings

Seek freedom

Yet linger in the beauty

Of a summer’s garden.


I seek the solitude

Of crashing waves


The desperate reach toward shore

The gentle pulling back

The lull of the sound

Of her longing…


I seek the solitude

Of reflections


The jagged lines that define us

And in it, we see ourselves

And everything else

With awakened awareness


I seek the solitude

In nature’s ardent display of beauty…


In the flowers shy reach beyond a tree06-2

In the buzzing of bees…


In the silent stare,

Between creatures of different language…


I yearn for solitude

Every time I follow the dusty trail…


As I discover the lonely sound

Of water creaking beneath the docks in winter


As I seek the horizon

Of endless azure sky

11 (2).jpg

And also find wonder

In the clouds that grace her with endless beauty

12 (2).jpg

I am alone


But never truly alone,


For I hear beauty whisper

In the solitude of these moments

Chosen –

Camera raised high

Eyes alert

And my ears are open

To the traces of poetry

My solitude leaves behind.


(c) Sumyanna 2017


Posted for The Daily Post Photo Challenge: solitude


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