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Beautifully Different, a poem



She expected

a lukewarm reception.

Perhaps even,

glances in the other direction

biding the moments

before the exhale of freedom

Yes!  She has finally left.

For she felt this,

in her conversations

yet she never understood

the reasons behind the truths.

She felt every exhausted breath

slowly inhaled and painfully exhaled

when in their presence.

It is enough – to not be accepted

to know that she somehow

has always refused to fit the mold

and it is not always,

that she chose –

but that she had no other choice

this is the way her heart breathes.

Despite their indifference,

she seeks commonality

a bond with which to hold.

She seeks to find the beauty in their ways,

despite being different from her own

and she tries

and she struggles

to let them see,

there’s nothing to fear,

in distinctive beauty.

For everywhere we see,

stretched forth across our great lands

differing views of beautiful landscape

as though the painter chose

different hues, different tones,

and differing shades of meaning.

Look at the sky, whose glorious beauty

welcomes us all hours of the day

and yet, each sky – differs in the way

it is scraped across the horizon

and what of the plants, the animals, the seasons

do you not see, how their beauty is etched?

It is strange how,

this is where beauty is realized

in the ways that life surrounds us

in the splendor of her different ways

yet when we look at each other,

we starve to find any benefit

in difference.


Image and poem:  © Sumyanna 2017


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: lukewarm


I could not help but share some love for the following post, written for the same prompt.  I smile in recognition…

Solitude and Tea for ME?




Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

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