Beauty Stretching Forth in All Her Glory, a poem



In the Spring, there is growth

a quiet rustling under the earth

shaking free the last vestiges of dust

and breaking free.

The rains come

and quench the thirst of many

leaping vines, leaning trees, flowers splayed

rebirth begins her solemn song

a hope for each day’s beauty.

In time, the long days of summer fade

and the wind whistles her sad tune

it is time for change

and in their leaving, they leave behind

grace and beauty in their final steps

a showering dance of red and gold

flowing on the winds

and final rest.

Snow blows in across the

meadows, valleys, and mountain peaks

you can hear the sorrowful search of the wind

Where is beauty? Where does she lay her head?

and winter knows not – there is beauty also in

the absence of flowers, naked trees, the absence of sun.

There is beauty in the stillness of a winter’s day

in the absence of footsteps across the stretching sprawl of snow

in the silent plodding of snowflakes, hung on fir and pine

and their eventual release

the springing back of branch in loss

and in the way the sun shines across the fields and meadows

and its reflected glow.

There is definite beauty

in the changing seasons

the differing views

where beauty stretches forth

in all her glory.


© Sumyanna 2016


2 Comments Add yours

  1. This is very lovely, Sumyanna. I loved all the contrast with the different seasons.


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you Robbie. I find beauty in them all, but I must agree I especially love Spring and Fall. Oh, such romantic times 🙂 I hope, no matter what the season – you are finding it beautiful!


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