Photography: Playing Cat and… Squirrel?

It just goes to show you – you start out thinking you will have a gray day.  Another day spent at home, with only drab landscape – but then something happens to fill your day with beauty.  It was quite unaccepted, and very appreciated.


While sitting outside, one of the squirrels that watch us came on the deck while we were sitting there talking.  He didn’t seem to mind our presence, and of course – I had my camera at the time.  He would look at us – back away, and then move a bit forward.  He happened to visit at the wrong time, it seems because if you remember we have an adopted cat that visits from time to time.  I believe someone abandoned her on our street and she has made it her home.  We would take her in, but (1) one daughter is allergic (which does not stop her from wanting to have a cat and (2) she is wary of people.  She comes to visit – but on her terms.







We were watching the squirrel when she comes sauntering up to the deck too.  I’m going to guess the cat is a bit older, because previous experience tells me she would have run after the squirrel.  They just looked at each other and then the squirrel jumped across the fence.  The cat did not hiss or anything, but she seemed bothered that we were sharing our love with someone else.  She asked for extra petting to reassure her.




Here, she is deep in thought…



Eventually, she went over to the fence and decided to see if she could trick the squirrel into thinking she was gone.  She hid behind the neighbor’s grill.









Where is that squirrel?




Once she settled behind the grill, the squirrel ran back into our yard.  He has stuff hidden all in the backyard.  I think he steals a bunch of the nuts that the birds drop from the neighbor’s bird feeder and puts them in our yard.  Here, he is being cheeky.  The cat is below him, but he acts like he doesn’t care.  He ran the length of the fence – just to show he could – and then ran off for the last time.  Oh, the drama that goes on over here.  I cannot help but say that with a smile though.  It is a gift.






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