Love is Romanced by Her Song, a poem


Lately I have been going through many of my older poems (many, many, many of which I have not shared here) and editing them.  It has been an enjoyable task – but I haven’t had the opportunity to work as much on new poems.  This poem was written for a dear friend and fellow-poetess back in 2015.  She writes lovely poetry, and it is just me – but I hate for words to be left unsaid.



She writes love

a love poem

with gentle words

and seductive lines

she hypnotizes

and love reels back,

bashful and shy.

The words repeat,

they sing a soulful song

a gently lullaby.

Another day,

brings another song

it’s a wonderful way

to begin.

Each moment

seeking beauty.

With true, feeling heart

she captures

the art of loving

across the page

she knows not why

the wind doth

whisper her name,

nor why nature

becomes tamer

in her presence,

but she walks in love

and the world around her

is never the same.


© Sumyanna 2015


Written for a dear fellow poetess, Chris Frazier

Gorgeous image courtesy of


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