Ponder Your Ways, a poem


I want to see stars
threaded through the night sky
unhindered by false light
or shadows.
Let us stand
beneath its majesty
bask in its glow
and bathe ourselves in the mystery
of its machination
and ponder our own.
Let us unravel who we are
strand by strand of DNA
unfurled unto the winds
draped across a cloudless sky
each impetus
each action
each feeling laid bare.
Here is where –
we should pause and reflect
to seek the amazement
of the invention of our breaths
and respect the beauty
of who we call I.
The wonder
dares to breathe
beneath the surface
but we always neglect it.
May we witness the splendor
in the inhaled breath –
and the slow exhale
of our dreams
and all those moments
in between –
never perfect,
but beautiful –
because true beauty speaks
beneath all the rhythm and rhyme.
It always has, you see…
and may we always strive
to add more beauty
to the artistry of our days.

(c) Sumyanna 2017


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