Portraits Poetry Series #50: Rolling Hills of Flowering Beauty

Portraits Series

She raises the child to her hip
Baby’s feet gently sway
As she walks
Through fields of wildflowers
The scent intoxicates
Rolling hills of flowering beauty
Waves of pink, yellow and green
The soothing sway of the wind
Begs the heart to swoon
The woman and child
Are laughing
Taking in the sun
The mother,
Sun bonnet on her head
Gazes at the passing clouds
Skittering across the sky
The outlined grey smudges
Amidst puffs of white
And deep blue fields of sky
It is wondrous and healing
Where nature meets the heart
The soul’s whisper
And peaceful thoughts
Cannot help but linger here.
And the woman and child
Gently walk toward the horizon
The child clings lovingly
You can see her smile
In the way she holds her head
But you cannot see her face
And mother’s head is bowed
To trace her gentle steps
Graceful brush of skirt
Across the grasses
And she spies a beauty
One after another
A gasp, a sigh –
She is enthralled by the scene.
She holds their memories
Close to her heart
She breathes their scent
She paints their gentle sway
Within her dreams
She walks, and slowly –
She fades into the distance
But a footprint
Across the landscape now
But she has left her trace
In the smiles and laughter
Shared beneath the noonday sun
And she has taken a trace
Just the same.

© Sumyanna 2016


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