I Remember Big Wheel Mornings


I remember
big wheel mornings
I’d wear a turtleneck with overalls
unlaced shoes
and I’d race down the street
chasing the shadows
gently cast by the sun.
I can still smell
the scent of trees
their leaves looming over
the concrete pathways.
I would hold my head back
and sing with joy
perhaps even, squeal with glee.
Not long after,
other voices would share the same tune.
Perhaps we’d all play
follow the leader
pretend someone is a crossing guard
or direct our own schoolyard parade.
There was never enough time
to exhaust our imagination
all of us racing –
and big wheels galore
until all the streetlights signaled
it was time to go home.
One last quick race
back to my driveway,
I’d always return home
wind playing tag
with my head full of curls
wearing overalls,
now with grass-stained knees
and a fabulous grin.

© Sumyanna 2017


Written for the prompt: write about your favorite vehicle

Beautiful image courtesy of Pexels.com


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