Photography: Spring Rose Her Weary Head and Sang (Part #4)

Today is going to be a day of relaxation.  Okay, I lied.  I’m going to spend the day helping my oldest design her own video game.  At least, if that is relaxing – I don’t see it.  It is fun though, don’t get me wrong.  She is learning the importance of story for her game (which is a good thing).  Fortunately, she also enjoys writing, so that part is pretty easy.  She just often requires prodding.  She has Dyslexia (If I haven’t told you before) and essentially, every step is an uncertain one.  Me, I’m crazy – I try new things and figure if it breaks, I’ll just put it back together and try again.


I’m going to assume that both of us have a place in this world… the careful stepper and the one that can’t help themselves but run with reckless abandon.  From what I have seen, once she tries something (reading, for example and even writing) and she feels more comfortable in her own skin, she does rather well.  So, it is my task to help her along the way and assure her that everything is going to be okay.


Be warned though – because those who often have to overcome obstacles… run, once they realize they can.  You just have to step out of their way and stand there in awe of them.  So yes, I shall be working with my daughter on writing code for her game.  I will learn a thing or too, but most importantly I am going to stand back and watch in amazement once she overcomes this fear.


I’m going to assume that all parents with kids with learning difficulties realize this.  They so do need our hands to hold them steady.  It gives them the bravery they need to keep going, even when things are tough.  They need to hear we believe in them.  Heck, even kids who don’t have learning difficulties need this.  But I have learned long ago, not to be afraid to help too much.  I have learned long ago that letting go does not always mean helping them.  Sometimes, we have to realize that they just need to hold on a little longer..  Sometimes they need someone to believe in them when they don’t always believe in themselves.  Because if we show up and do what this task requires of us, there is definitely no holding them back to what they can pursue…


Just some thoughts on this very rainy, cold day.  I’m stuck indoors, waiting for my daughter so we can get this task started.  She, as well as her siblings, always seem to be on my mind – but what other purpose would I rather chase?  Truth be told, I am rather content.


So please enjoy some photos from last week when we visited the gardens, and oh – I do hope I can go again real soon.  With the rain, I hope to see more beauty creeping out of the dust!


IMG_6089 (2)


IMG_6109 (2)


IMG_6125 (2)


IMG_6243 (2)


IMG_6258 (2)


IMG_6280 (2)


IMG_6484 (2)


IMG_6518 (2)


(c) Sumyanna 2017

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    1. Sumyanna says:

      So glad you like them! Thank you!


  1. leigha66 says:

    The bloom on that last picture is really unique… do you know what plant it is? Beautiful photos!


    1. Sumyanna says:

      I’m not sure – I will have to see if I can find out 🙂 So glad you liked it Leigha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on ravenhawks' magazine and commented:
    Beautiful, thank you for sharing.


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you so very much!


  3. ladybug165 says:

    Very pretty pictures!😊


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you very much!


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