When I Can’t Breathe, a poem


FontCandy (6)

Have you felt the tug

of skin pulling back

the numbness that enters

the overworked mind

the desire to surrender

to let loose upon the winds and fly.

In my thoughts,

I have watched

my brittle veins crumble

I have felt my edges curl

to the point of no return.

I want to scrub myself dry

and flake the edges

to find myself in my depths,

where the silence is real –

for sometimes, the absence of silence

screeches and there is no drowning out the senses.

No matter how hard I scratch

no matter how much I claw to find my way

I am lost here – in the absence of silence

in the absence of peaceful breaths

I wither beneath the fading sun

the waning moon

and I am overcome

by the necessary busyness of life.

I want to breathe

I want to breathe


but sometimes, there is

not enough silence

and I always seem to carry

a heaviness in my lungs.

© Sumyanna 2017


2 Comments Add yours

  1. So lovely. I really feel the emotions. And it brings my empathy right up to the surface. Poet & reader merge… that’s the definition of success in poetry. Thank you.


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you Kimberly! Truly appreciate that 🙂


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