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Grasshoppers, Butterflies, and Flowers, Oh My! (Post #5)

School is starting to wind down, or perhaps pick up – I’m never sure 🙂  The kids will be doing state testing the next two weeks so we will be driving back and forth to testing sites each day.  The kids are going different days so we are going to have to juggle schoolwork and schedules.  You would think it is a more relaxed time, but often it isn’t.  Driving every day for that long and actually getting out the door on time is a struggle with 4 kids.  Then you spend your time racing in bumper to bumper traffic to the testing site at morning rush hour.  Should be fun…


The thing about state testing is that it is usually a sign that school is going to be out soon.  Oh, the thought of a break during summer!  Unrestrained activities!  Getting outdoors!  Yeah, I can’t wait.  I am wearing a smile just thinking of it 🙂  I hope you all have a beautiful day and somehow get to fit even a few moments out in the sunshine today.


I’m going to share some photos from the time we visited the gardens near the mountains.  More butterflies, flowers, and other beauties.  Can’t wait until we can visit again this year.  I do hope you enjoy them!


IMG_9648 (2)


IMG_9720 (2)


IMG_9771 (2)


IMG_9674 (2)


IMG_9953 (2)


IMG_9956 (2)


IMG_9972 (2)


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