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Daily Post Photography Challenge: A Closer Look Always Lends Surprise

Last week’s photography challenge at The Daily Post was surprise.  I tried to get my pictures together fast enough, but this week has been busy with school.  Anyway, in their post, they shared a beautiful up-close image of a dandelion, which inspired me.  See, dandelions actually have curled stamens – which you could actually see if you looked closely enough.  The question is, how many of us have actually looked close enough?


So yesterday I grabbed a few dandelions from the lawn, which have strangely increased in number this year.  I took out my trusty digital microscope and got some fabulous photos not only of the curled stamens, but also the pollen laying along its edges.  It is amazing to think how much of this goes unnoticed…  The thing is, we all know that plants have pollen, but I have never thought to wonder where it is hidden in something as simple as a dandelion.  It is there, but we cannot see it.


While taking images of a dandelion, my son brought me a flower from the yard as a gift.  We have not seen these last year, so I wasn’t even sure what they were.  Come to find out, they are henbit dead-nettle.  Strangely enough, I found that they were not mentioned as weeds that grow in Colorado.  They are actually rather lovely looking and they are growing between our rocks near the side of the house.


IMG_6791 (2)


IMG_6798 (2)


What I became surprised about was the beauty of the flower, up-close.  To think that things like leaves or flowers that are seemingly flat and smooth are actually covered in tiny hairs is amazing to see unfold before your eyes.  It brings you greater realization, that there is much that you just don’t see…


WIN_20170418_14_57_52_Pro (2)


WIN_20170418_15_09_10_Pro (2)


WIN_20170418_15_11_24_Pro (2)


Not only that, but the microscope pointed things I should have seen, but did not notice until I looked through it.  There were tiny bits of dew clinging to the flower.  I found it in the microscope first, and then looked at the flower to see – sure enough, they were there!


WIN_20170418_14_58_58_Pro (2)


Then, beyond these surprises, I found more lurking in the shadows.  There were Aphids hiding on the plant, and trust me – you just could not see them looking directly at the flower.  I only found them looking through the microscope.  I think I screamed at first, it was more of an excited but also “omg it’s a bug!” kinda thing, but then I was engrossed in looking more closely…


WIN_20170418_14_56_43_Pro (2)


WIN_20170418_15_07_58_Pro (2)


WIN_20170418_15_05_41_Pro (2)


I hope you enjoy the view as much as I have 🙂  I think it’s amazing, just how much we don’t see and it truly makes me want to open my eyes wider and more often…


(c) Sumyanna 2017


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