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Garden Beauty, in Shades of Black and White

Here are some photos I took while at the gardens last time…  Man, I seem to say that rather often these days.  Last time was quite a while ago!  The good news is that my little guy gets out of school this week.  My next oldest gets out the week after and the older two get out a week later, unless they get their work done earlier.  It is all up to them.  The thing is – I mostly help the younger two, so that means we will have time to go walking to the park and all the fun things I have been putting on hold lately.


I enjoyed these images ever so much, but truly felt that black and white was the best way to display them.  They are lovely either way, but black and white just seems to make it easier to notice the edges and lines a lot more.  Just a different view… hoping to point out more that we can learn and cherish from nature’s beauty.  I do hope you enjoy!


IMG_6148_edited (2)


IMG_6162_edited (2)


IMG_6233_edited (2)


IMG_6250_edited (2)


IMG_6278_edited (2)


IMG_6378_edited (2)


IMG_6385_edited (2)


IMG_6106_edited (2)


IMG_6395_edited (2)


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