Foreclosure, a poem



Their trash
sits in the driveway,
treasured books
piled up high
nestled between
a king size mattress,
small tables,
pots and pans,
and the snow blower
that he once used
to plow everyone’s sidewalk
after every single snow.
There is an eeriness to it
and a strong feeling of loss
for what was once treasured
shall soon be fodder
for greedy souls
passing by,
their noses
pressed against
warm car windows
and they pile
and move
and rearrange
until there is nothing left
and all the treasures
are carried away.
Our neighbors,
they’ve lived here
for as long as we have
and though I don’t know
their names
we’ve spoken at times
and said the occasional “hello.”
They live much further
down the street
but I can see
from the children’s window
their paperbacks
fluttering in the breeze
memories piled high
in the driveway
and a policeman
standing guard.
Birdsong overhead
cannot replace
this unsettled feeling
in my heart.
How easy it is –
to be replaced
and how one day
you have something
that you thought was yours,
and how easy it is
to just take it away.

© Sumyanna 2017


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  1. leigha66 says:

    What a sad situation. I have seen places cleaned out like this and the many that come by and pick apart the remains. I hope they did not lose too much. Nicely written poem.

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    1. Sumyanna says:

      So true. That is what happened, although it rained and then snowed the next day. Anything left was thrown in a dumpster and taken away. Sad to think it could have been donated. I hope so too.


  2. This is so distressing, Sumyanna. In South Africa we have laws that help protect the possessions of people who fall on bad times.


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Yes, they don’t have any protections like that here. I have seen this done before, but not for someone I knew. It is so incredibly sad. What makes it worse is that instead of saving it for them or donating it to the poor, it sat outdoors and it snowed last night. This morning, it is switching between rain, rain-slush, and snow. Everything must be damaged. The new owners just pulled up a huge dumpster and put everything inside. It is such a waste. Now everything will just go to a landfill. I would not touch a thing, though I saw people gathering last night to pick through some of it. To me, it is heartbreaking to think of profiting off of someone elses’ loss. I do hope that things will improve for them.


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