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Photography: Willingly Losing Myself in the Beauty of Spring (Post #1)

Okay, it is official… we are crazy.  You have to understand though – I homeschool.  I spend all day long (every day) with the kids and spend my time in front of a computer, moving from one child’s work to the next.  I don’t get out as much as I would like and sometimes, yes – even a walk around the block is a luxury I can’t afford.  It’s not a complaint, but I have my limits…  So yes, we actually finished school and then went for three straight days to the botanic gardens nearby.  Three straight days.


I truly need to get outdoors.  It is where I find myself most at peace and I can feel relaxed.  The troubles of my day, the sorrows of the world around me fade away and all I can see are blue skies stretching toward the horizon, I feel the breeze, I listen to the birds’ songs.  Usually, we get out at least on the weekends – but this past semester has been a doozy!  I had one kid that needed math help that normally does not need it (Algebra, anyone?) and another that took a computer class that is still getting the edges ironed out.  This, on top of full-time teaching the two little ones was a feat, and one I am glad to say we accomplished… but also one I gladly say is behind us.


Anyhoo… enough about me and my sob story.  Today we are going to visit a friend over lunch.  We have not been out much today, except to run errands and get allergy shots because we are crazy and like to visit the gardens so much 🙂  Hopefully, this evening will be relaxed.  I hope you enjoy the beautiful view from the gardens and just know I have more to share.  I am hoping to go to other locations in the city for photos as time allows.  I want to stretch my view once again…


For anyone who hasn’t heard from me in a while, boy!  I’m going to have a lot to catch up with.  Know I haven’t forgotten you.  I’m just taking this entire week off to treat myself and stay a little further away from the computer.  Once next week comes, I will be around and try to get more caught up with things.  I’m hoping to spend much of the summer vacation outdoors but it will be a healthy mix of the two, I hope.  During school I don’t get much of a choice 😉


(c) Sumyanna 2017


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18 thoughts on “Photography: Willingly Losing Myself in the Beauty of Spring (Post #1)

        1. Thank you. Not sure if you heard my answer because I threw it in there so quickly – I have four kids, three girls and one boy. They (as all mom’s say) are my pride and joy. I love spending time with them 🙂

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          1. Incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding. I am fortunate now that two of them are now in high school. They only ask for help when they need it. My youngest two need most of my attention – but I truly enjoy spending the time with them 🙂 Thank you for asking.

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