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Photography: Willingly Losing Myself in the Beauty of Spring (Post #2)

Yesterday was relaxing, but for some reason I felt a bit unaccomplished.  I guess I was hoping to end the week doing a bit of organizing.  I always get through summer wishing I had gotten some thing accomplished but somehow it was forgotten.  I guess I will have to do that this weekend and I guess it’s a perfect time because the sky is gray and it has been raining a bit here and there.  Tomorrow we are expecting thunderstorms.  I’m not so averse to staying indoors now that I have gotten my outdoor fix, but I will be scheduling at least a day to go out and take photographs (if not more than that).


Anyway, here are more photos from our trek through the gardens this past week.  As I was telling someone in the comments, I found out something rather odd.  My photos (in the past) always disappointed me a bit because they seemed a bit blurred.  The other day it was so hot that it fogged my glasses.  I’ve only been wearing them this year (full time) so it takes a lot to get used to them.  I found that when I don’t wear my glasses, but only use the camera – my images come out much sharper.  I was rather shocked, but I have trifocals so perhaps it just blurs my view.  So, as you may imagine – I’ve been walking around the gardens without my glasses now and taking sharper photos.


I think the one thing I have learned since taking up the camera is that I learn something new every day.  Whether it is another point of view, another way of taking pictures, or something as simple as making your pictures clearer – I am learning.  I do hope you enjoy the results…

IMG_8079 (2)


IMG_8145 (2)


IMG_8171 (2)


IMG_8222 (2)


IMG_8240 (2)


IMG_8255 (2)


IMG_8268 (2)


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15 thoughts on “Photography: Willingly Losing Myself in the Beauty of Spring (Post #2)

  1. First of all these are gorgeous! I am always switching back and forth with my glasses off and on when I take pictures. …second a quick confirmation are you getting my comments? Today they are disappearing as soon as I hit send instead of showing on the feed. Just curious.

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    1. Oh, thank you! So glad I am not alone in the glasses department. I was not sure what to do but when they fog up it really frustrates me – especially if you are trying to focus to take a photo 🙂 Oh, the wonders of age! Yes. I am getting your comments. It has been happening to me to. I think that people who have comments on moderation (I do that to keep away the SPAM) have that happen for some reason. Would be nice to see a little message “your comment is waiting for moderation or something like that.”

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      1. I think they make a cleaner that is supposed to keep your glasses from fogging up… can’t recall the name of it though, sorry. Glad you are getting the comments. Until this weekend I would get a message that it was awaiting moderation, but not anymore. That is why I was concerned you were not getting them.


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