Reverse Tetradecanet: The World is Starved of Peace

barren (2)

fall carelessly
in barren wasteland.
Echoes reek of silence
there’s nothing left of sentiment
but constant dripping of meaningless noise
and the complacent thunder of dueling tongues.
The shadows here grow long in quickened emptiness
and the earth, the stars, the firmament is wailing
as a mournful hollowness cruelly strums across their weary bones.
Why do we refuse to care? Why do we not act?
And there is no answer sufficient for the sorrow they reluctantly carry
wounds won’t heal, the damage is done, and earth is starved of peace
just because we could and because our haughty views refused to let us see.


© Sumyanna 2017


What is a Tetradecanet? It is a poem form that I made up to create fourteen line poems that are not rhyming.  The poem starts with one word and each line continues to add a word until you have the fourteenth line with fourteen words.


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