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Photography: Finding Beauty in the Order of Disorder

There is a natural order to all things around us.  A certain way that life plays out – a set of rules, perhaps unknown to us, but always perceived if we take a closer look.  When I go to the gardens, I am always amazed at the brilliance of each stage of life of a flower.  Take, for example, the simple anemone.  Each one bursts forth when it blossoms from its fabulous hairy bud and the petals slowly unfold to provide a better view of its center.  Each one – has the same parts.  Each one – has the same delicate lines traced along its petals.  Yet, despite their similarity, they all hold their own personality.


There is an order to the rows upon rows of anemone at our local gardens.  They all look the same, feel the same beneath our touch, they all lean in the gentle breeze.  Yet each one, holds beauty in its hands differently and similarly, each one is captured through my camera lens with a different interpretation.  And perhaps that is why they are one of my favorite flowers to capture.


IMG_9057 (2)


IMG_9064 (2)


IMG_9066 (2)


IMG_9070 (2)


IMG_9071 (2)


IMG_9074 (2)


IMG_9083 (2)


IMG_9084 (2)


IMG_9094 (2)


Submitted for The Daily Post Photography Challenge: Order


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20 thoughts on “Photography: Finding Beauty in the Order of Disorder

    1. Thank you very much and I completely agree. I guess I was hoping that the reader would make that connection. It is a gift to express your uniqueness and I only wish more would realize that. Thank you for your beautiful comments.


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