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Photography: Visiting the Butterflies, but Taking Pictures of Flowers (Part #2)

So as I mentioned before, we visited the butterfly sanctuary here this week.  It was a lovely visit and I “thought” I got a lot of good images… hey, they looked good on the camera.  However, I started to realize toward the end of our visit that it was just too dark in there to really take any good photographs.


Don’t get me wrong… I love the photos I have taken and some of them turned out really , good.  However, when you take hundreds of photos of butterflies and can only share a handful, it is a little disappointing.  I seriously had way more photos of flowers turn out there, which I actually thought was a little funny since I love flowers so much.  I chalk this up to learning more about my camera’s needs and I don’t mind it a bit.  Sometimes we need to know what we have to work with.


I am a real stickler in that I don’t want to use a flash to take a photo (I don’t think they let you there either).  I’m never in a search for what is the perfect image.  To me, the most imperfect images are sometimes the most beautiful – almost like artwork.  What I mean is that truthfully, if I were in the middle of a grocery store parking lot and I found a beautiful flower to photograph… I would want the picture to transport you and make you feel as if it is in the middle of nature, as if you could hear the birds singing in the background.  I am not really one who likes to show place unless it tells a story.


For me, the focus is on the object in my viewer.  If it does not relate to the story I am trying to tell… I don’t want it in the photo.  It’s kind of like taking pictures of nature on a walking path but there are power lines in view.  I usually will not take the photo.  I want to be caught up in the dream of that flower, without anything taking away from that, if that makes sense.  Being a photographer that does not always get to go to amazing places (and let’s face it, I still think the places I do go to are amazing), I still want to transport myself to an amazing place.  I hope that makes sense…  Anyway, here are the photos!


IMG_0537 (2)


IMG_0590 (2)


IMG_0662 (2)


IMG_0727 (2)


IMG_0759 (2)


IMG_0897 (2)


IMG_0903 (2)


IMG_0928 (2)




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9 thoughts on “Photography: Visiting the Butterflies, but Taking Pictures of Flowers (Part #2)

    1. So glad you liked them. I now realize I had at least a little more than I originally thought to share (butterflies, that is) but the flowers were also rather dreamy there. All in all, it was a win!

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