Photography: Lost in the Scent of Another Garden (Post #1)

These images were taken a week or so ago when we last visited the gardens.  I was a bit disappointed in the visit, because at one point it was much too bright and then later, the sky darkened and rain threatened.  It was also hot and I was tired 🙂  It was just one of those days.


I have not shared any of these photos yet because I’m still behind in photos from our previous visits, but I was curious and looked through the folder to find quite a few images I fell in love with.  So, as the saying goes… share, I must!  I do hope you enjoy our romp around the gardens.  I am hoping to go in another week as this week is proving to be a busy one.


(c) Sumyanna 2017


Remember to search for beauty, no matter where you are.

You never know, it just might find you!


IMG_0002 (2)


IMG_0035 (2)


IMG_0037 (2)


IMG_0073 (2)


IMG_0075 (2)


IMG_0084 (2)


IMG_0101 (2)


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