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I Shall Never Breathe the Same, a poem



My daughter walked to the store the other day

everything was routine

she kissed my cheek and called out her goodbyes

I could hear the slam of the door as she left

and the silence that lingered.

I went about, doing what mothers do

straightening beds, doing dishes, picking up all the messes

I was relieved to finally have time alone

and I don’t know where the time went –

but she never came back home.

After hours passed, I was worried

I called her friends but they had not seen her

I called other family members in grief

but as everyone said, ease your fears

she is sixteen


you know how kids are these days.

I found myself walking the same path she had taken

from the house to the store

and back

pacing worriedly, but holding on to hope

and this is where the story ends –

that last rope of similarity between us.

Days later, they found her body

dumped in a lake on the side of the road

miles and miles away

what pains me most, she was alone

and I swear –

I swear, my heart was stolen from me

she was only sixteen.

They never caught her killer

perhaps he still roams these streets

maybe he is lurking somewhere else

and I can’t help but question… why?

What did he think when

he raised his hands to hurt her?

What did he think when

he looked into her eyes?

And how can you take away

what isn’t even yours –

He didn’t even know her name.

Yet, he took my heart away

he took my heart away

and nothing will be the same

for the rest of my life

no one will ever

understand my grief

and I shall never breathe

the same.


© Sumyanna 2017


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: Relieved

This poem is purely fictional.







Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

22 thoughts on “I Shall Never Breathe the Same, a poem

    1. Thank you – wow, you’ve got it! Many people do not “get” my poetry sometimes. They wonder why I would write about things that are not personal, which I also do on occasion. I like to wrap my head around a person’s life and live it for a few moments, hoping to glean some understanding and compassion, if that is possible.

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  1. I generally avoid reading daily prompt poetry. And never comment or add my ‘Like’ to them. Yours are among the few. This has a sense of authentic experience. Involved narrative (to coin a phrase).

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    1. I truly appreciate that Pablo. I started out writing prompts. At first I started out simple, but over time I learned to try to tell a story. Many people don’t understand writing poetry that is not only about you… but I guess I enjoy that type of writing more than anything. Thank you so much for saying so.

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  2. Wow great poem, I was on the edge of my seat, and so relieved to see it was fiction, though out here one reads stories like this every day, and they are true. How terrible it must be to have ones children taken away in this manner.

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    1. Thank you Charles. I do hope you are doing well. Yes, it is so incredibly sad to think that many know exactly what this is like. To think that the playground of children has gotten smaller and smaller over the years.

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      1. Unfortunately, yes, when I was young there were no walls and fences round our house, so we walked and played through the whole block, and over the rivers into the forest, but one would not do any of that today, as there are high walls and fences are electrified, and it is dangerous on the roads and in the forest. In those days there was no TV or computers, so we just wandered far and wide, and made up our own games.


          1. Not at all, but I think things could be better if we spent more time and energy trying to thinker of better ways of using some of these new abilities that we have at our disposal.

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  3. I am sooo glad this was fictional, although it happens to thousands of mothers and fathers. I wish our world didn’t have evil people.

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