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Photography & a Poem: A World of Transient Dreams

Last week’s Daily Post Photography Prompt is transient.  Due to strolling through the gardens and other enjoyable outdoor pursuits, I turned in at the last moment… sigh.  Okay, I forgive myself 🙂


For this prompt, I could not help but be inspired by the trip we took this past weekend up to the mountains.  We rewarded the kids for all their hard work this year by taking them on a boat ride around the lake.  While I also took many beautiful scenic photographs, I could not help but be entranced by the quickly changing clouds and the revolution of the waves as boats passed by.  Beyond all this, was the quickly fleeting reflections of clouds and sunlight skipping across the water.  I could not help but share…




Have you wondered the transience

of every breathing moment

every cloud that passes

and every rolling wave


IMG_1356 (2)


there is a pause of silence

somewhere in the stillness

that quickly slips from our fingers


IMG_1357 (2)


should we blink or close our eyes

and the moment is swept away

fleeting, like the waves’ ferocious

crash upon the shore


IMG_1358 (2)


and that uncertain quiver

of clouds passing

reflections dancing

across the waters’ surface


IMG_1449 (2)


as sunlight glistens

like sunken jewels

trapped beneath

the murky waters.


IMG_1452 (2)


Soon, the day shall

close her eyes to sleep

and night’s curtain

shall fall upon the stage

where new lights – star lights

shall light the path of our wandering

until the sun dares rise again.


twig2 (2)


Each day is different

yet each day is the same –

a silent crawl toward permanence

in a world of transient dreams.


© Sumyanna 2017



Photographed & Written for The Daily Post Photography Challenge: transient

Photo location: Estes Park, Colorado


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