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Photography Challenge: Everything is Always in Transition

This week’s Photography Challenge was Delta – focusing on transition, change, and the passage of time.  I could have gone through all of my folders upon folders of photographs – and any one image could have been relevant, but I decided to stay closer to home and use photos taken yesterday from our time at the gardens.


Photography has opened my eyes, perhaps just a little.  I have found so many times the parallels between what I see in nature and what I feel within myself.  This post and poem below were inspired by the following two images.  Both are from the same exact plant.  Both are in various forms of transformation and beauty.  Much like us, they never look the same from one moment to the next.






Life is a transition

from one moment to the next

we are changed and changing

both blossom and bloom.

It matters not,

that we don’t see it

that we still feel

the slow passage of time

and the same face

that stares at us

seems like the same face

we have seen before.

We are moved, and moving

like waves upon the shore

pulling at bits of sand and seashells

rushing forward then begging retreat

only to find ourselves moved again.

It is not without consequence

this fertile rushing forth and back

the changing aims and desires

the scars that leave us unblemished –

we change, you and I

and given any moment

when a picture is snapped

we shall never look the same.


(c) Sumyanna 2017


Photography and Poem submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: Delta


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