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Photography: Strolling Through the Park (Part #4)

More photos from our wonderful excursion to the local park.  My goodness, to think this is all free and just a drive away!  We have not been back yet, we have been much too busy.  For some of you who have noticed I have not been around much, I apologize.  I have not had as much time to spend reading.


This week we are laying hardwood floors in our master bedroom.  We have already done all the other floors in the house and this is the last room left.  It is a lot of work, but we are almost finished and the floors look extremely lovely so I can’t complain.  Can’t wait to actually get out and about again though!

Either way, enjoy the view and know I will be keeping my eye out for the next photographic moment to share 🙂


IMG_1921 (2)


IMG_1944 (2)


IMG_1987 (2)


IMG_2069 (2)


IMG_2135 (2)


IMG_2287 (2)


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16 thoughts on “Photography: Strolling Through the Park (Part #4)

    1. Yay! They are finally finished. Now we are working on installing shelves (which is not very easy). We’ve lived here ten years but with the advent of Youtube, my husband is brave enough to try anything. Amazingly – he does a really good job. I’m just his sidekick 😉


        1. I think it is a good thing – it helps us try new things. I’m actually rather glad as otherwise, these improvements probably would not have been made. Besides that, it is nice to work as a team 🙂


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