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Photography: Evening Stroll in the Gardens (Post #2)

So I mentioned that this weekend we took some time to walk in the gardens.  It was a quick visit by our standards – the kids and I often stay most of the afternoon.  We usually eat lunch there and even in the winter, you could have spotted us there drinking hot tea and eating cake in the Japanese Gardens.  It is truly a lovely thing to have a garden near you and even though it is a bit of a drive for us, it is worth every minute it takes to get there.


I usually don’t go and try to take photos in the evening because I know they won’t turn out that well.  Many of them did not, but I think that the few that did turn out – it was well worth it.  I love that our gardens are actually open until 8 pm, which gives us a wonderful place to relax in the evening and take a stroll.  We usually go around a local park, but they just don’t have the same views.  I hope you enjoy the view and our stroll around the gardens 😉


IMG_2340 (2)


IMG_2361 (2)


IMG_2367 (2)


IMG_2378 (2)


IMG_2380 (2)


IMG_2387 (2)


IMG_2391 (2)


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11 thoughts on “Photography: Evening Stroll in the Gardens (Post #2)

    1. This one wasn’t the Japanese Garden – but a local garden that is free to enter. The Japanese Garden that we visit is part of the Denver Botanic Gardens 🙂 Thank you!

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