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Daily Post Photography Challenge: Collage

This week’s Daily Post Photography Challenge was collage.  I was a bit stumped – not so much on ideas… but choosing one.  There were so many ways I could go with this.


At first, I went to an old image I made while playing around with Powerpoint to make a Digital Collage.  I created this design some time ago for a website – and also used it as a Powerpoint design layout as well.  Just note – back then the shapes were all different solid colors.  This time, I thought I’d spruce it up.  I thought this project was perfect, because I could combine my love of designing things with my photography.  In this case, I inserted different flower photos I have taken over the years as the design for each of the shapes.  I think it turned out rather pretty…




I guess I had a bit more free time than I realized, because then the idea hit me to combine my other loves… poetry and photography to make another collage containing a poem and many of the flower photos I have taken this year at the gardens.  I could have made it bigger and better, but I have been learning to enjoy whatever I am able to do – and any time I am able to spend on those things I love.  Time is limited and life must be lived!


I look forward to seeing what everyone else posts for this challenge!  I hope you enjoy!




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