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Photography & a Poem: There’s No Proper Way to Hold Your Head

I thought I’d share some photographs of one of the prettiest flowers I have ever known, the anemone.  Every year I go to the gardens, I am entranced by her beauty.  It does not matter whether she is holding her head this way or that – she breathes beautifully.


I think of this and ponder how many ways people try to change us.  They want us to fit the mold – perhaps because it is easier to deal with people that way.  Somehow, they don’t understand the desire to be… something different.  Now look, first of all I’m going to say we are really not that different in so many ways, but with our similarities… we find other ways to express ourselves, with other goals, loves and desires.


So why should we change ourselves to look like everyone else – talk like everyone else – be like everyone else, when in our own very lives when we seek art, nature, role models, heroes, and inspiration… from those who are unique?  What makes us cherish those values in other things and people, yet we don’t value them in ourselves?  Strange, isn’t it?  I think we need to change that.


So the next time you post something and you worry that people will not like your post because it is different… remember why you bother to look at other people’s posts.  What draws you in?  Sure, perhaps they may have similar interests – but they also show you things you may not have seen otherwise.  The next time you look in the mirror and find a million reasons why you don’t like what you see… try taking the time to look and see what is worthy of viewing.  What would you see in someone else as beautiful that perhaps you overlook in yourself?  It is there… waiting for you to notice and in my opinion, it is about time you did.


So please enjoy the beautiful views of a very glorious flower – holding their heads in different ways, but exuding the beauty that only they know how to do.


IMG_7519 (2)


IMG_7531 (2)


IMG_8182 (2)


IMG_9073 (2)


IMG_9265 (2)


IMG_8184 (2)


IMG_9095 (2)


IMG_8185 (2)


IMG_9082 (2)


And also, I shall share a poem written for an image prompt a while ago.  I linger there, somewhere between the lines…


No one sees

the heartfelt pangs

that rise within my chest

my tear streaked face

is shyly turned.

I seek not to hide,

but to cry openly

and unafraid.

It is not,

that I am weak

or that the load

I carry

has overturned my spirit

but strength lays

between the quiet moments

of reflection

the silent wandering

of strength within my soul

it grows itself

beneath my skin

because this is what

I am made of –

I won’t give up

I won’t give in

I’ll simply rest

between my breaths

for I have come

to understand –

real beauty

never come easy.


© Sumyanna 2017




Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

19 thoughts on “Photography & a Poem: There’s No Proper Way to Hold Your Head

    1. Thank you very much! I usually do not have time to do blogger awards, although I always wanted to. You caught me at a good time! I will try to put something together this week 🙂 Thank you for thinking of me!

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        1. Usually we are a lot less busy during the summer (aside from having fun). This summer we have had many projects to do 🙂 It’s a good thing – it is making for a more comfortable place during the part of the year we are stuck inside.


    1. Thank you very much sweet Rose. So glad you liked them – the garden is so full of inspiration and I truly love your take on things lately with your paintings. I really love your style.

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