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Photography: Oh look! Another Flower!

This week’s photography challenge at The Daily Post is distraction.  If there’s every something I would think I am an expert in it is that very word.  It is not to say that I am distracted to the point of getting nothing done (well, I have my days!), but I am always noticing things that beg a closer inspection.


I think that if anyone has followed my blog for even a short amount of time, they would say I am enamored with the beauty of flowers.  See how well you know me!  I’m touched 🙂  I don’t know when this started… or perhaps it always was this way, but I really do feel an affinity with the flowers I see.  I can’t explain why, exactly, but I see something in the tilt of their petals, in their reach for the sun.  I don’t necessarily feel that I understand them but that I am always seeking to understand them more.  It is that mystery that holds my gaze.


Yes, I know that flowers don’t think like you and I… or do they?  But I can’t help but wonder and try to weave a narrative through their leaves, their petals, and their climbing vines.  I find a bit of myself in them when I do, or perhaps it is just an understanding of what I imagine they are striving for.


I am a bit more controlled (on some occasions) than some may realize.  My husband, for one, hates to go to the gardens with us.  I believe he wonders how a person can crawl so slowly on a path and want to touch and see and experience everything, even if it is one small stretch of grass.  There are no flowers, but there are dandelions?  No problem… I’ll find beauty there too.  The land is dry but filled with dry grasses and a sparse wildflower or two?  I’m there too 🙂  I refuse to limit my view.


And considering how many beautiful plants and flowers grace this earth, I guess I shall always remain blissfully distracted, no matter where I go.


(c) Sumyanna 2017


DSCN4453 (2)


DSCN4478 (2)


DSCN4510 (2)


DSCN4529 (2)


DSCN4553 (2)


DSCN4634 (2)


DSCN4652 (2)


DSCN4689 (2)


DSCN4710 (2)


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

24 thoughts on “Photography: Oh look! Another Flower!

  1. Tom Brown, Jr. (of Tom Brown’s Tracking, Nature Awareness and Wilderness Survival School) tells his beginner students that most people don’t notice 99% of what goes on around them. And then he proves it.

    I’ll just add that when the flowers are in bloom it takes us a very long time to get anywhere…



    1. P. S. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!!
      P. S. II, the sequel. It was really only post-WW II that dandelions got a bad name. High amounts of calcium and several minerals, the young leaves can be eaten raw, older leaves cooked, roots used for coffee substitute, research is being done on using the latex as a rubber substitute, they’re de rigeur for flower crowns, and (by someone who knows) they can denote a preference for butter. We haven’t even started on the seed heads. In Japan there were once Dandelion Societies…


      1. I actually drink dandelion tea – it is supposed to be good for detox and I actually enjoy the taste. I find it sad that it has a bad rep – but many good things often do.


    2. Strangely enough, I actually have heard the name Tom Brown’s Tracking – met someone once who went through a course with them. I totally agree – I keep stretching to notice more, but even I am less cognizant of all that is out there. I find it sad that we don’t have more time set aside for such things as I feel they are incredibly important.

      So glad I’m not the only one held in the embrace of nature’s beauty!


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