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On Death and Living, a poem

Sometimes, I am enticed by an image to write a poem, to see a story, or to imagine their voice.  Perhaps it is something there that I see, or perhaps it never was present.  Perhaps it is a tale of lies, or perhaps there are thoughts burning with in me, begging release, and they take on new life through the view of this character.  To say that I know which one is which, is most probably a lie.  To say it might be a little of all of them… might just be closer to the truth.  Here, I share with you the images and its inspiration.  Enjoying the muse…





She watched

in the silence of morning,

while others slept,

and contemplated

the fruits of growth

and her own thoughts

of beauty.

All those around her,

once carried dreams

and whispered hopes…

she still clung to hers

in moments of uncertainty

in moments where she is stretched

and forced to grow

before she is ready.

She fears sometimes,

the change required.

She watches others grow

beyond their stretch of time

withered, they stand

testament to

the truth that we all know

in time, there will be

an end

for all of us.

Yet it does not cure

the ache,

the desire she has

to live.

She realizes that

some things are


but the moment


breeds within her veins

the desire to touch the sky

to caress the warmth of dusty earth

to cry tears in longing for another day.


her time shall come

and her breath will be her last,

but she refuses to take a pause

or a moment

to worry or reflect on her fears

for she wants to go out

the way she came in…



© Sumyanna 2017










Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

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