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When Freedom is Lost, a poem




Freedom slips

through open fingertips

like waving fields of grain.

We have learned

to disperse them

and set them out

upon the open sea.

While some,

we neglect

others befall our definition

through purse’d lips

and a furled brow

of seething anger

that no longer seems

to ever sleep.

How can we reach

for the essence

of freedom?

How can we desire

the nation

to rally behind our call

our hands outstretched

in longing

like loyal subjects

when we only define

our own desires as free

while the wants and needs of others

deserve not, equal expression.

This nation stands strong

on the freedoms

expressly given

for it flows within the veins

and though dissenting voice

may sometimes appear,

our strength comes

not in silencing the noise,

but ensuring every peaceful opinion

is given a chance to speak.

For when

the song of liberty

is no longer sung,

we, ourselves,

shall no longer be free.


© Sumyanna 2017


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: loyal


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Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

14 thoughts on “When Freedom is Lost, a poem

  1. When I read your poetry, I’m always moved by the gentleness of your words – now I read the philosophy behind them. This is a lovely poem on a subject which has been very much on my mind over the past week or two.

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    1. That’s so very sweet. Thank you Jane! Truthfully, the words are uttered from beneath our skin. It is not easy to hide who we are – no matter how hard we may try. When these thoughts get too heavy, they require a voice. I actually feel a heavy weight upon my shoulders until I speak. I don’t exactly know why… but I always rise to the call. These times are changing, and I don’t always like what I see. I still have hope that the course can be changed further down the road…

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      1. I never give up hope of change. If you don’t believe in something, you won’t put your best efforts into making it happen. Just switching to positive thinking makes a huge difference. If it hadn’t been for the support and positive thoughts of the WP community, I don’t think my daughter would have gone into recovery.
        All it takes is enough people to want change, and to believe in it…


        1. I don’t know if you ever got my message. I actually responded on my phone, but it seems my phone does not reply to anyone now? Ugh. I agree with you. Never give up hope. It is absolutely as necessary as breath… I truly believe that when everyone tries their best to have more positive thoughts, the chances for change are greater. I would not doubt that helped her… knowing that others believed as much as she wanted to believe. She deserved all those good thoughts and more.

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          1. I checked, and it didn’t come through. My phone doesn’t like blogs. To my shame, for a while I lost hope, but you all had my back – and Laura’s. Today, Laura, her fiance and I visited a future in-law. By chance, an old associate of hers was there. When she saw Laura she was overwhelmed by the change. The last time they met Laura was hanging on by a thread. It was an emotional reunion. We all kept hugging each other, grinning madly and blinking the tears away.
            Positive thoughts give birth to miracles.


          2. I’ve been having problems with my phone. Essentially if I write any response to anyone’s comments, they are never sent. If I go to anyone’s page and leave a comment… it is never sent. Ugh.

            It’s been a thrilling journey seeing her blossom, even if we only see it in your words. It is so good to see hope in your eyes and the smile that I know is on your lips! It has been a long time coming!

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    1. Hey sweetheart! My, how I have missed you. I do hope you are doing well and still writing! I’ve been here off and on, but more off lately due to taking care of the kids. It’s all good 🙂

      I will have to check to see if you have written, as I haven’t been following my RSS feed much lately. Have been so busy, I haven’t even been writing 😦 but I know those days will return again.


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