Reality tv

RealityTV (2)


At times, I think

the world prefers

a constant distraction

the bright, flashing lights

of profitable pursuits

that promise




and beauty

or perhaps,

a grand distraction

to see not,

where we once thrived,

a snake-oil pursuit

of dreams.

Were the sign not flashing,

none would ever see,

for the blandness

of her soil

would not warrant


yet how much

is overlooked?

how much

is overlooked?

Just how much


is hidden

beneath the cracks?

and how much talent

curdles at the wayside

while people clip passages

(shoveling them through)

and the masses applaud?

Where are all

those unspoken dreams

those unfulfilled promises

and those downtrodden hopes?

While the creators create

the fruit

at their fingertips

sits among the cobwebs

waiting for someone to see.

The painters paint

in broader strokes

tearing at their chests

with worry

the writers write,

souls sent in whispers

across the pages

each sheet torn


and then repeat,

but the world

is busy

reaching for their popcorn

and consuming reality tv.


© Sumyanna 2017


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: prefer

Fabulous image courtesy of


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