The Less Traveled View

Last week’s Photography Challenge at The Daily Post was: Experimental.  I think that is the gist of most of my photography… although I guess you could say it’s really not that experimental compared to some.  I guess it is all in how we see things.  It is not so much that I seek to be outwardly different… but perhaps just that I feel that I don’t always feel the same constraints as some to follow the norm.  I’m comfortable with trying new things and I’m willing to see the beauty of a situation, a passing moment, a glance… in places that others may not have noticed them.


I could be wrong and just be like everyone else, but I guess the main thing is that I don’t always feel that way.  It could be just that I feel that my pull is different than other people.  Where my eyes trace across a landscape and how they scan the scene is different.  It is not just outside, or in the realm of photography… but I guess in most things (and not only outside of the home).  It is not to say that one way is better… but I guess I have learned that we all have our own ways of being ourselves.  We have our own way of seeing the world.  We have our own way of translating that view… whether by photography, or poetry, or other means.  And while many see things that are different as less than, or incompatible… I see another way that beauty seeks to breathe life.


Either way… this is where I find the experiment.  From the moment the lens cap is taken off and the camera is raised, it is a challenge to see… how can I see differently?  What does it look like with this light or from this angle?  So this week I share with you some images that I believe show that perspective.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


DSCN5564 (2)

I know many who don’t believe that flowers past their prime are worthy of photography.  However, I find that their remains are a testament to their beauty and resilience.  We don’t always have snow on the ground throughout winter… but a bit here and there.  In between, there is always a reminder of the life that once was, and the life that will continue once the growing season returns.


IMG_0932 (2)

I always seem to be amazed by reflections as well as shadows.  While hiking in the woods, I enjoyed finding the shadows of leaning plants and leaves.  I found they were equally as beautiful as the life that inspired them.


IMG_1846 (2)

After hiking one time up in the mountains, I was surprised to see how beautiful the reflection of the sky was in the window while driving, especially as the day grew long.  I could not help myself but try to see if the picture translated as beautifully as what I could see.


IMG_2939 (2)

I know that most photographers (but not all) try to seek the cleanest, sharpest shots, but I am often romanced by the more dreamy aspects of photography.  I don’t mind the blur or the imperfect pose or flower.  Sometimes, I feel the imperfection makes it all the more beautiful.


IMG_9350 (2)

Speaking of which, I actually found this beauty in the middle of a soccer field in the middle of our city.  It is not the loveliest place to take photos, but I found such beautiful surprises when forcing myself to see more clearly, to get down on the ground and seek to capture it in my view.


WP_20150820_19_17_51_Pro (2)

One evening, on a date night, we walked while waiting to get in to the restaurant.  This place just captured my eye.  I found the lights lovely, but I did not only want to capture them… I was also romanced by the thought of seeing the worlds around me, captured in the reflection.  I know… not perfect… yet full of story.


WP_20171104_12_55_37_Pro (2)

Recently, while hiking up in the mountains, I snapped this shot.  I was just sitting on the passenger side (a rarity for me and the main chauffeur during the week) and daydreaming, watching the sky pass and the mountains looming ahead.  I thought if I could only capture the amazing view.


So whether it is different, or whether others would argue they are the same… I still feel that life (in itself) is experimental.  I only wish and hope I could portray the beautiful artistry I see around me.  I know it can never be properly captured… but we always try.


(c) Sumyanna 2017


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