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Photography: California in Winter (Post #1)

So as I mentioned in a previous post, we went to California during winter break.  I know… most people are like, “Why go there in the winter?  The beach is always best in the summer!”  However, I think… at least for me, that seeing nature still struggling along while it is entirely covered in my part of the country is a tonic for the soul.  I absolutely love to know, “Hey!  It’s winter!” and yet I look around and everything is green.  I guess if I were to analyze myself, I would say that I truly feel revived around nature, it’s when I feel more alive.


If my family were more outdoorsy types in the winter, I probably wouldn’t have a problem.  Instead… they would be huddled around a heater, covered in blankets!  I personally hate being stuck indoors for too long, but hey, that’s just me!  Anyway, I could show you some of the amazing images I had gotten of the beach or the sunsets, but I felt compelled to start out showing the flowers.


In case I did not mention it before, right before this trip, we found out that my camera was completely broken.  Instead of getting her fixed (which would have been close to the cost of a new one), we decided to get a new camera.  The problem?  The camera (while an upgrade from my model) somehow functioned differently.  Mind you, the camera is a little heavy and the lens I use has no image stabilization (and is also heavy).  In case you have not figured it out, I don’t use a tripod much as I like to be more mobile.  So, I had to fight through a lot of things while on the trip with this camera, but I feel that we have gotten somewhere.  Either way, here are the beautiful flowers blooming right now while we have snow on the ground 🙂


IMG_1280 (2)



IMG_1317 (2)


IMG_1413 (2)


IMG_1417 (2)


IMG_1447 (2)


IMG_1285 (2)


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8 thoughts on “Photography: California in Winter (Post #1)

    1. Thank you Robbie. Is it starting to get colder over there now? We are finally seeing some warmer days and things have finally started to grow. We still hold on to winter for quite a while here in Colorado, but I’m glad to see the small gifts regardless 🙂


  1. Living in Southern California for a year in the late 80s I was amazed to see the scorched desert replaced by emerald green hills in winter. It’s an amazing place.


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