Photography: California in Winter (Post #2)

IMG_5843 (2)


We spent a few hours at this location near La Jolla, California, watching the ocean ease its way out as we inspected the tide pools.  It’s a perfect place to relax, as well as take photos, especially when the birds are swarming in for an early dinner.  Looking at these photos now, I am filled with ease.  I still hear the waves, the call of gulls, and the quick scattering of birds from the shore as we walk closer or perhaps the waves come in too quickly.  It’s an incredibly peaceful place… and I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t live closer, because I don’t know how I’d get any work done.  I’d rather be outdoors, strolling the beach every day 🙂


These are some of the beautiful creatures we found that day on the beach.  There are more, of course… to be shared later.  I was going to say I’m sorry once again for being away for a while, but sometimes life just hits hard.  Before we went on vacation, my youngest two and I had the flu.  Upon returning… I got sick again with some kind of virus along with only one of the younger kiddos (so far).  It has not been fun.  Having said that… I seriously have not been sick in years… so I guess it has to get you sometime.


Beyond being sick, I’ve been working with the two older children on preparing for college, SATs, PSATs, scholarships, the science fair, and also competitions to showcase their talent.  I wish I could fit more time in… but we try our best with what we have 🙂  My youngest (6) is now addicted to coding because he wants to do what his older siblings can do.  In his spare time he is creating comic books that he keeps encouraging me to “sell” to the local library.  Ahh, the enthusiasm of youth!


Anyway, I have not been gone because I plan to leave… or because I don’t care.  I actually have missed my time online, because… believe it or not, often if I am not posting, I am not writing.  I’ve either been just too busy or sick to get a chance to.  I know it may sound strange to some, but I find posting a relaxing endeavor.  Just like posting these images today, writing is a way for me to destress and express myself.  I miss it when I don’t have the opportunity.  I also miss visiting the many talented people that I have come to know and adore online.


As much as I love reading, I just don’t get the free time around here to read much (aside from nonfiction).  That usually includes books on creativity, writing, and how to improve my teaching skills.  Aside from that… sadly, no novels or other enjoyable books.  All my precious time that I do get to spend reading, I do it with you 🙂


Just think of it this way.  If you have a cat (and all cat lovers know that cat’s love books), you cannot avoid having your cat sit right on top of your book as you are trying to read.  Now replace that vision of a cat with a child.  That’s pretty much how things go 🙂  Oh, you’re not busy?!?  They gather for a hug, or for a chat session, or for any other reasons.  It’s enjoyable to the millionth percent… just not a very productive way to get some reading done.  It’s okay though, because I know that someday I will sorely miss being interrupted in my reading.  I am enjoying every moment now that I have, without a regret.


Anyway, here are the photos as promised.  I hope they sway your heart as much as it has mine.  Looking over these just reminds me how precious those peaceful moments are.


(c) Sumyanna 2018


IMG_5857 (2)


IMG_5964 (2)


IMG_6012 (2)


IMG_6164 (2)


IMG_6226 (2)


IMG_6266 (2)


IMG_6356 (2)


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow I love these. Spectacular photos!


      1. Your so welcome, Sumyanna.


  2. Fab photos, I’m sure life will settle down again soon and you will be back writing. Both ?John’s and I have had a viral bug. My daughter had it last week and now her two boys have it 🙄 It’s not good 😬


    1. Sumyanna says:

      We are working on that now 😉 Sorry to hear you both were ill as well. This year, it definitely was not easy! Fortunately, we did finally get better and have been since. Now that spring is here, I’m hoping it is gone for good!

      Liked by 1 person

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