Photography: California in Winter (Post #3)

It’s a much colder day today, gray too.  Somehow, I’m able to shake it away.  I’m not concerned with the weather and really haven’t been much lately, though I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s long stretch of blue skies and clouds streaking across the horizon.  It was a beautiful sight and the warmth of the sun assured me that warmer weather is on its way.


Now I know that some people don’t mind winter – heck, they may even love winter.  I remember days when I was young when all I did was pray for a snow day.  Of course, we would get out of school – but I would seriously spend the entire day outside, swearing not to come in until we were called in for dinner.  Our cheeks would be rosy, but we delighted in all the activities we could come up with in the snow.  We’d sled, we’d build forts in the snow and then I’d commence throwing snowballs at the opposite facing snowbank where my brother was hiding.  These days, snow days are filled with trudging through snow in my crocs (unfortunately not the insulated kind), shoveling, and deciding if I should risk going out in the snow in case the roads are too icy.


Actually, this year – there hasn’t been too much snow so far, only cold and the gray skies just stretch from one side to the other.  We spend days where we have to put the lights on in the house during the day in order to see, where we usually open all the windows and let in natural light.  Ah, but it’s just me.  I think the main reason I “dislike” the winter is that I really look forward to getting out and taking photos in spring.  I just got my camera before our vacation to California and the entire trip was spent making one mistake after the other.  I started to get happier with the camera as the vacation drew to a close, but did not get out to the ocean again due to a mishap during the trip.


My daughter dropped an incredibly large size of lemon juice (sold at Costco) on her toe.  At first, she thought it was alright, but when she took her sock off, we could see it was not.  Her toe, starting at the nail, was smashed to bits.  Fortunately, they went to the ER and got her stitched up and did a really good job considering how bad it was.  Unfortunately, it took more than 6 hours as the flu hit really bad in California at that time.  The ER was full of flu patients.  Somehow, the two girls that went to the hospital and my husband, remain unscathed by that visit… but I somehow returned home to have another two weeks of virus!


Anyway, we’re all better now and we made sure my daughter still enjoyed her last week in California.  We rented a wheelchair to make things easier for her and I was her thankful chauffeur.   Aside from struggling through allergies (I haven’t been able to get my allergy shots in over 8 weeks) I am doing well also, but that… along with preparing the girls for college (signing up for SATs, PSATs, looking into colleges, looking into scholarships, etc.) it has been busy!


Now that I’ve gotten that all off my chest 🙂  Here are a few of the beautiful images I was able to capture on that trip.  They were all taken at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego.  I hope you enjoy them!


IMG_8097 (2)


IMG_8210 (2)


IMG_8292 (2)


IMG_8343 (2)


IMG_8376 (2)


IMG_8456 (2)


IMG_8463 (2)


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  1. Wonderful photos! I love CA but have never been down to that area. I’ve driven the coast from LA to San Francisco twice now & it was amazing! So glad you’re feeling better after a rough end to your vacation 😩. I, too, remember those childhood snow days. I also would play forever in the snow. My dad always blew snow into the corner of the driveway and made a wonderful snow fort for me😍🌬️☃️. Thanks for sharing!!~Anne💕

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    1. Sumyanna says:

      So glad you enjoyed them! We’ve spent time in LA and San Francisco, but somehow San Diego, La Jolla, and areas nearby there seem to really speak to me as a person. I guess it is because there are so many things to enjoy as a family… and besides that we have found many beaches that have been practically empty when we go. That is a definite bonus… but I can’t promise that (ever) during the summer 🙂 I enjoyed hiking in the Redwood Forest when we stayed in San Francisco, but we stayed somewhere in the city and I’m not much of a city girl. Of course, my husband loved it there. Opposites attract! We are feeling much better now and although my daughter’s accident was scary at the time, she is already healing really well. It is amazing to see how resilient the body can be! Your dad sounds like mine. He had a plow (we lived in the country) and he would push it all into piles on each side of the driveway. We’d build our forts there and spend the entire day in the snow. Happy memories!


      1. I’ve never been out there since having children so that is good to know 😊. I too loved the Redwoods!! My husband’s favorite city is San Francisco. Opposites do attract. Another symbol of balance in life☯️.

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  2. Sorry about your daughters toe! And the flu 🤧 great photos 🌹


    1. Sumyanna says:

      We’ve finally gotten over it and her toe has completely healed. It’s amazing what the body can go through. I’m finally back reading and writing again. Sorry I’ve been away so long. Summer is only 8 weeks away!

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    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you very much!

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