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Just a Face in the Crowd: Daily Post Photography Challenge

This week we have been given the challenge to take a different kind of portrait.  Instead of taking the photograph head on, try to capture the image as if you are just a face in the crowd.  I have to admit, this was difficult and it was easy.  It was difficult, because I always seem to be taking photographs of nature and less of people.  It was easy because in the rare instances I take photographs with people in it, they are obscured in some way.  Yes, it is on purpose.


Ever since starting to take photographs, I have worried about asking permission to take photographs.  Besides that, I also love to share the mystery of the moment, almost as if I could step right in and be a part of that image.  I don’t always want to see what is, but what could be.  I guess that’s why I don’t take as many portraits.  Well, that and my life-long love of nature.  I seem to etch images in my mind of people all the time… for my writing, but when it requires taking up the camera… I prefer to imagine.


Either way, I’m happy to share these images with you and I can’t wait to see what others have shared!
















Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: Just a Face in the Crowd


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