Photography: Frolicking in the Snow (Post #1)

I’ve spent the past two days taking photos out of the window.  Yes, it’s been cold here.  For the first time (in a long time) the snow has actually stayed on the ground.  For once, I actually don’t mind the snow.  I guess it’s because things get messy when everything melts, it looks a little grayer.  I have also enjoyed that – as the squirrels still keep visiting, I was able to capture them frolicking in the snow.  We even had a visit from our “adopted” cat… who was homeless, but was taken in by our neighbor.  She still visits on a daily basis, when she isn’t busy enjoying the sunshine outdoors.


Maryam, as we call her, is one heck of a beautiful cat.  Sadly, it is so difficult to show her beauty in colored photographs.  I guess it’s because she has shades of gray and brown while the deck and the fence outside are both brown.  She just blends in too much.  She looks so much better in black and white though, that I might break down and show you some of her photos that way instead.


There is one shot I took today that I could not help but share… Maryam being taunted by the squirrels.  See, she would rather chase them.  The problem is, she knows we adore the squirrels, so she has to pretend she’s not interested (at least while we are around).  The squirrels take advantage by getting close and just sitting there, having a staring contest.  It’s quite funny to see.


I have quite a few photos of these guys to share, if you’d like.  I thought I’d break them into separate posts.  I hope you enjoy the view!


IMG_2871 (2)


IMG_2920 (2)


IMG_3266 (2)


IMG_3297 (2)


IMG_3390 (2)

This guy was not really angry or anything.  He finished his nut and enthusiastically ran to get another.  I somehow caught him between moves 🙂


IMG_3826 (2)


PS: Still trying to get my phone fixed so I can comment on blogs.  Essentially, my phone has child safety on it even though we did not do it ourselves.  It blocks quite a few things, including blogs.  The “parent” account shows that there are no controls, and yet… here I am after all this time, not being able to say “hello” 😦  Soon, I tell you!  I’m not giving up.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. leigha66 says:

    Loved the pictures! That has to be frustrating with your phone still locked. Hope you can get it fixed soon.


    1. Sumyanna says:

      It still has not been fixed and I doubt it ever will be. I have the option to delete my account but that could permanently lock me from making changes, so I’m giving up. At some point my husband will have to get us new phones and fortunately it will not be a Microsoft one!

      Liked by 1 person

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