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Above all things, I am a mother.  Of course, I cook, I clean, I chase imaginary monsters from under the bed, and yeah… sometimes I get the chance to write and take pictures.  Truly, it is much more glamorous than all that might seem.  I get to spend time with my crew, I am afforded the opportunity to help them learn and grow, and I get to stand back and see where they take the knowledge I have shared with them.  In truth, it is a blessing.  Mind you, my bed is often not made and I don’t get out as often as I would like, but some things just can’t be captured once they are gone.  I try my best to cherish every single moment with them.


That brings me to an interesting  conversation yesterday I had with my son.  I remember doing things like this for the girls when they were younger too, perhaps with different characters, but the same premise.  I think, way back when I used to call them special agents and would give them a special mission, should they choose to accept.  I guess sometimes it’s just the playfulness in me… and definitely, when I get the type of responses that I have gotten with the kids, it is hard to stop.


Essentially, my guy is only 6 but he has great dreams of being a super hero.  He says that even though they are not real, he can be a real one someday.  Now it may seem like I’m allowing him to believe in things that cannot be true, but how many people have shown their superhero side in life by doing the right thing, helping those in need, and fighting for what is right?  Plenty.  We need a lot more of that type of goal seeking  right now anyway, so I think it is a good thing,   Children need to know they have gifts, whatever they may be, and their gifts matter, no matter how young you are.


Anyway, my son also loves to consider himself a gentleman.  He wears a fedora almost everywhere he goes, in fact, he is wearing one right now while playing games on the computer.  He started this practice at the age of 2 when he saw his first hat.  Now he goes nowhere with out it.  Over the years he has added to his fashion choices.  He begged for a few ties and bow ties and strangely enough, wears them with t-shirts, but who am I to tell him how to wear it?  He does not wear them everyday, but he loves to wear them often!


So one day he comes down for breakfast to announce he is a superhero.  When we asked him what his superhero name was, he proudly announced, “Superhero Gentleman.”  This has been some time now, but the desire to save the world is still going strong with him.  He exercises to “stay strong,” he eats his vegetables to have a healthy body, and he studies hard to stay smart.  After this announcement, he goes through his clothes everyday to pair a casual dress shirt to wear over a t-shirt.  He says that when he flies it flaps in the wind like a cape.  I guess he is a superhero in training 🙂


So the other day my younger daughter got into my email and sent him some silly messages.  They were full of emojis and other silly things.  He was mad.  To apologize, I decided to send him an email and “claim” that villains had taken over my email.  This is where the “trouble” started 🙂  I decided to disguise myself as Mrs. S – the woman in charge of the The Superhero Training Institute.  You know… when you have an active imagination, it can make life interesting!


Since then, I’ve been sending him messages that fill him with joy.  He’s been smiling and keeps asking when Mrs. S is going to send another email.  For me, this is a way to communicate with him in a playful way… an opportunity that we may sometimes miss in the busyness of our lives.


Here’s the first message he received:




Not too much later in the day, he was disappointed because he had to rewrite a paragraph for school.  He is picky and gets mad when his writing isn’t perfect.  I could see he was disappointed.  I sent this… not being too obvious.




After the message, he dived in and rewrote his paragraph eagerly.  He was determined to do a good job and once he was finished, he logged in to practice code (he wants to learn).  Later, I sent him this message to congratulate him on doing a good job.  He was thrilled and went to bed that night with a smile and a skip in his step.




He’s a smart one, but he was excited to receive the emails.  Right away he says, “Mom, this is from you!”  I claimed innocence.  Then he declared, “Why did all the emails come from your address?”  I told him maybe Mrs. S was sending emails through my account because she was afraid she was being traced.  I then quickly ran to the computer to set up an “official” email account for Mrs. S.


I then sent him an email to tell him why she was sending emails through my account.  Gosh, they should not be this smart!  It makes the job a bit more difficult 🙂




This morning, I was busy so I did not get a chance to send him an email, umm… Mrs. S did not get a chance to send an email.  He was gloomy… he’s kinda bored because he gets done with all his schoolwork on Thursday but everyone else is busy on Friday.  Anyway, I sent him this…




I then sent him a picture of this guy…  It got him laughing!




Not too long after, I figured if he did what I wanted previously, why not see if I can get him to clean his room 🙂




He sent me an email stating he would let the other superheros in training know to clean their apartments.  Who knows if it will really motivate him to clean his room or not, I guess the point is… it’s fun.  I really am enjoying taking the time to communicate with him in a less than conventional manner.  Sure, I could have said “Good job” or “Keep trying” but somehow it seems so much more special from someone else.  I mean, when I was younger, I would have loved to have someone send me anonymous notes to make me laugh, motivate me, and keep me going.  Who wouldn’t?


I really don’t know where all of this is going, the only thing I do know is that he is not going to be 6 forever.  In fact, his birthday is right around the corner.  I want things to cherish and remember, instead of regrets of not being there.


Who knows what other adventures Superhero Gentleman and Mrs. S may have, but I can say that I have already enjoyed the journey.  It’s not only a way to encourage him, but also a way to learn more about him and what he thinks.  The only downfall is that my little guy is sneaky.  He keeps walking past my desk to see if I am writing him or sending him a message.  He is that crafty!  Seriously, someone make him a superhero quick, before I get caught and locked up in Lavends Island with Dr. Fasthands!


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  1. leigha66 says:

    I love this! What a great way to encourage him. And I love his name! I hope he holds on to that magical imagination as he continues to grow!


    1. Sumyanna says:

      So far he still is trying to fly 🙂 I hope he does. His sisters were that way while younger and they still have bits and pieces of it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sumy, that is brilliant! Children deserve fun, amusement, love and affection. How delightful you have found a unique and wonderful way to encourage support and lift his spirits. It’s inspired! I love it. I’m sure when he’s all grown up, he’ll look back and treasure these moments as much as you do now! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Sumyanna says:

      He is so excited by the whole thing Phyllis. He really is determined. I hope that they will mean as much to him as they do to me. It is a blessing to see his personality grow. 🙂


  3. Really enjoyable. Wonderful creativity and fun too. Bravo!


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you. So far, he is really enjoying this 🙂


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