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Photography: Spring Has Found Her Song (Post #2)

Spring has been trying to arrive for some time now, but winter keeps trying to hold its grasp.  While everyone has been enjoying spring break this week (we had ours last week) it has seriously snowed three times.  Most remnants of the snow are gone now and today I celebrate the little wisps of clouds that pass by and I enjoy the grand stretches of blue sky.  That being said, it is still cold and I tug my sweater closer to me as I write this.  Ah, I do look forward to spring!


Last week, during spring break, we were fortunate to have pretty decent weather, despite being a bit windy.  Also, there were quite a few flowers to be seen, so my heart was delighted.  I thought I’d take you on a walk through the gardens and show you what I’ve seen.  I hope you enjoy, no matter what the weather might be where you are 🙂


IMG_6303 (2)


IMG_6416 (2)


IMG_6605 (2)


IMG_6725 (2)


IMG_6778 (2)

Seriously, no matter where I go, I always seem to attract the attention of the squirrels.  This is not at home, but at the gardens and the squirrels (there were two of them) were just as interested in me as I was with them 🙂


IMG_7023 (2)


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8 thoughts on “Photography: Spring Has Found Her Song (Post #2)

  1. Speaking of singing (and squirrels), if you want to have some fun with them, try this. The next time they’re eyeing you up, stop, look at them and then start singing softly to them. Squirrels pride themselves on being constantly aware of their surroundings (often a matter of survival), but if you keep it up eventually they’ll start to settle and even close their eyes… And then they’ll come to with a start and begin to berate themselves for being caught napping!!

    All in good fun.


    1. I’m going to try that next time. They are so funny… lately, we have found they like to lay their bodies flat with their bellies against a surface of a tree or our deck railing. They are all stretched out as if they are sun bathing. At first, I thought something was wrong with them 🙂


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