Daily Post Photography Challenge: Spring Awakening


is a time of awakening

not only, does the earth come to life

but its creatures return to beautify the scene.

The wind whispers with intent –

as pollen fills the swollen blue skies of longing

and the sun’s rays shine down upon the growing buds

the branches dangling heavily, pregnant with promise.

I raise the camera to my eye

as spring has likewise awakened within me –

the renewal of hope.


(C) Sumyanna 2018


IMG_8268 (2)


IMG_8350 (2)


IMG_8361 (2)


IMG_8446 (2)


IMG_8456 (2)


IMG_8599 (2)


Submitted for the Daily Post Prompt: awakening


Sorry I’ve been away for a bit… My computer died and I was stuck on the kid’s computers which has Net Nanny blocking practically everything 🙂  I’m finally back!


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