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Photography: Spring Has Found Her Song (Post #4)

We’ve had another round of flu at our house.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but the weather has been off as well (snowing this week and last) so we’ve been stuck indoors with people coughing all over and sneezing.  Not my idea of fun, but what can you do?


I am looking forward to spring now… real spring.  I am looking forward to school coming closer to an end.  We only have three or four more weeks left.  I am looking forward to change, silence, more moments breathing in fresh air, moments to just be…  Until then, I shall just enjoy the images I have taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens a week or so ago when we were able to sneak out of the house for a couple of hours.  I hope you enjoy them too!


IMG_8138 (2)


IMG_8161 (2)


IMG_8197 (2)


IMG_8229 (2)


IMG_8124 (2)


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20 thoughts on “Photography: Spring Has Found Her Song (Post #4)

    1. I think the last of the snow was here and we are finally officially in spring. I’ve been so aching to get out and sadly my youngest daughter keeps having an allergic reaction in her eyes every time we go out. I think she may be allergic to trees, but when we got allergy testing a year or so ago, none were found. Essentially, her eyes burn and itch really bad to the point of making her cry. We will get through this 🙂

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      1. I hope your daughter can find something to ease her discomfort from allergies. I can certainly relate, I am lost this time of year without my Zyrtec. Not sure if they make just eye drops she could use… I have always had more luck with the pills.

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        1. She already takes Zyrtec… but somehow it does not help her eyes. They just burn and feel incredibly itchy no matter what. She has eye drops she is taking right now, but it is more of a bandaid. Today I got her wrap around sunglasses that fit over her glasses to see if it helps keep the pollen away from her eyes. You can see it in the air!


          1. The one she uses is what the eye doctor recommended. The good news is… da da da! Today I bought her wrap around glasses. They fit over her real glasses… are sunglasses… and they keep things from entering the eye from the side of the glasses. We went on a particularly windy day, tree pollen is high and guess what… no symptoms! I am so thrilled right now. We had been going walking every evening at the park but had to stop because of her eyes. Now we can venture out!

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    1. We ended up having the flu four times this year in the house… no kidding. I am so glad spring is here! Winter does seem to drag on, but seriously most of winter still has sunshine, so I can’t complain. So glad it is over though. I guess it is winter where you are now?

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        1. Do you ever have forest fires there or is it mostly plains? If it gets dry here, we are always under threat of forest fires. During the summer usually, it gets dry and you always end up smelling smoke in the air. Hope the weather is pleasant for you now 🙂


  1. I truly hope you are all better very soon. We have a few sickies at our house, well one, she has a lung and sinus infection and really not up to par. Your pictures are spectacular!!!!!!!!!! Thrilled you managed to make time to add to your blog. I always look for you 🙂

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    1. Oh gosh. Are they better now? Yes, we have had way too much illness in our house this year. I hope we don’t have a repeat next year! So glad you enjoyed the images. I can’t help but imagine all that is growing right now at the gardens and I haven’t been for a while. Do the flowers miss me?!? 🙂


    1. Thank you so very much Rose Elaine. Fortunately all is better now and school is finally out. This year has been incredibly trying, so I am glad to finally start summer and get a chance to breathe! How are you doing?

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