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Photography: Shadows of Silence

There are fewer moments of silence sometimes, and thought they are more spread apart, their value does not go unnoticed.  It’s just that rare.  Things have been a whirlwind of busyness, with the kids growing so quickly, school and house demands, and the wonderful flu that has somehow hit our house 4 times this year.  I’ve been aching for the silence of nature, the quiet of heart and soul, the desire to just be… instead of the rush and roar of days.


A few weeks ago we had state testing, which required us to drive to another city.  Despite being away from home, we had more relaxing days with less expectations.  Just show up… drop the kiddos who were testing off and find a way to spend your time.  Since they got finished early each day, we made sure to drop by at the gardens to spend the rest of the afternoon.  I cannot explain how thrilling it has been… to see all the new growth, things coming back to life after a long winter, and of course, the beauty of a quiet day.


I’ve been braver these days.  Well, some may say crazy… but beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂  In the past, I have somehow made it possible to take pictures in one of two ways (1) standing and (2) crouching.  I’ve been wanting to get closer.  I’ve been wanting to see every angle.  Somehow, the aching for spring has just brought out my bold side.  I find a flower… I sit down, bend over, crawl beneath.  yes, I’m not kidding.  I have found taking pictures much more personal this way… though it looks odd to see and older person sitting down in front of a flower for an extended period of time… scooch down further to another flower and do the same thing.  The thing is, I don’t really care.  The odd thing is, that’s not really like me… but I know that if I want to soak in this beauty I really need to get closer and in the moment, I am seriously not aware of anything else.


Our last visit was so relaxing in this way.  Of course, we did not get through the gardens hardly at all… but I was incredibly thrilled and the feeling has not left me… even after a few weeks.  In my reverie, I found beauty in the shadows of silence.  Of course, I was there specifically to take pictures of the flowers… but I became entranced by the shadows of the flowers.  Mind you, I have plenty of beautiful images of the flowers themselves, but truly I look at these images and I am suddenly filled with the silence and thoughtfulness I felt when I took them.  They speak to me, and I guess a part of me is hoping they will speak to you as well.


IMG_9126 (2)


IMG_9458 (2)


IMG_9611 (2)


IMG_9759 (2)


IMG_9613 (2)


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8 thoughts on “Photography: Shadows of Silence

  1. Congratulations on celebrating your own authenticity!! Many long time ago I had a partner who managed to approach breaking the sound barrier everywhere she walked. Not always sure where she was going, but always in a hurry to get there.

    After hanging out with me for a while, one day she told me she had been sitting in a park (SITTING! IN A PARK!!) watching some wasps build a nest in a tree cavity. At one point someone walked by and asked her what she was doing. She replied that she was watching the bees fly in and out of the tree. When asked if she didn’t have anything better to do she simply said, “Not right now…” 🙂

    There’s this too: and Oh, and And… Never mind. Sometimes I talk too much.


    1. I have found that I do not have the persuasive skills that you do 😉 It’s okay though. Sometimes we have to see the world they way that is best for us. Besides, I always make sure to fit in time to do things my way.

      I have to say, I love her answer. Seriously, people need to slow down! This pace is killing us. I really think I need to visit your blog and go through the older posts. There is so much value that I have missed.


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