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Building Walls, a poem



You assumed

I was not strong enough

You assumed

I laid bare my heart-

And found unworthy,

I’d slink my way

Into the shadows



Unheard of.

Yet the traces

Of my existence

That you found so

Bereft of meaning

Barely scraped the surface.

You knew not my tears,

Nor their circumstance

You could not bare

The pangs within my heart

The longing reach for meaning

The painful truths of uncertain beginnings

Nor the iron will to make a difference

No matter if anyone cared.

I will not relinquish my right to exist.

You continue to sneer the truths

Of your unfortunate stance

Shout names into the streets

Tear apart, with your own assumptions,

The very decency of the fabric of my heart

And though I should be angry,

I shall let all the rage fall within your lap

Refuse to give home to your aversion

And allow the labels to fall by the wayside



And unnoticed.

For I know,

No matter which eye you see me with,

It shall always be tainted

By your own disgust.

You underestimate

The breaths

Which give birth to kindness

The hand, held out,

Believing another worthy

The power

Of different stories

Interwoven into a new narrative

And the difference

We could make,

Were we only working together

Instead of building walls.


© Sumyanna 2018


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: assumption

Beautiful image courtesy of


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

12 thoughts on “Building Walls, a poem

      1. I’ve been worried. I figured perhaps another round of flue or hopefully that you were onto summer vacation and enjoying the time. Wonderful to see you. I’ve missed you.


        1. Yep, mostly trying to run away from the computers for a bit. I am “forced” to be on all school year, so it is nice to walk away for a bit and enjoy the silence.


          1. The summer is almost over and it’s been to hot to go out much. I’ve still enjoyed the peacefulness of not being busy every single minute though 😉


          2. Oh wow. We usually have fall come early and then it is quickly gone. Our seasons here seem to blend into one another here. Well, I hope it is at least moderately warm there. I just hope it doesn’t affect our winters and cause them to be much colder! I may have to move 🙂


          3. lol yes I know that one. We moved 6 1/2 hours from where we lived, but the climate change is astounding. Rainforest to having all 4 seasons, woot woot


          4. I find that if I am in one place, I often look nostalgically back at the place I was before and vice versa. We are so hard to please 🙂 I so miss seeing lightening bugs. My kids have never seen them. I don’t exactly know all the places they live, but we had them growing up in New Jersey. We used to catch them and then let them go. Four seasons though is something I truly cherish. There’s beauty in all of them!


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