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Photography: A Day of Peaceful Contemplation (Post #2)


I’m still sharing images from our peaceful trip to the gardens near the mountains.  Let’s just say that seeing these images brings all those feelings of wonder I held while sitting in the gardens, listening to the wind, the birdsong, my own thoughts.  I often forget how meaningful moments like this are… and how few and far between they seem to be.  Of course, since I love taking photographs, I am out there more often than most.  However, I don’t think others are any less lacking in the connection to nature.  Time just seems so quickly fleeting.


IMG_3027 (2)


IMG_3147 (2)

This little guy was seriously small.  He could have sat in the palm of my hand and had extra room.  Funny thing is that for some reason he was hot and wanted to find shade.  He stood beneath my shadow to stay cool.  It was rather hard getting a picture of him that way without bothering him.  Can’t help but smile though to think of how cute it was.


IMG_3271 (2)


IMG_3318 (2)


IMG_3249 (2)


IMG_3303 (2)




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11 thoughts on “Photography: A Day of Peaceful Contemplation (Post #2)

    1. Thank you sweet lady. Sorry I’ve been away. Too much demand on my time so I had to step away for a bit… get myself in gear and get things organized better. It has been a time full of blessings, though busy. It is good to be back and I hope to slowly sneak in again more regularly. I have missed you horribly 😦


      1. I have missed you very much! I always look to see if your around. I’m delighted when you are. Life gets busy and crazy and crazier with demands on our time and energy and family should come first. Doesn’t mean we don’t treasure you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Pete! I have missed your photography and I don’t know if my daughter has had a chance to visit either. We always compare notes on what we have seen. Things have been busy… she is on her way to college next year and it has required me to do a lot of paperwork, research, and visiting colleges. I hope to see more of your posts soon as things are slowly calming down.

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