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Poem: I’m Me

I'm Me


What is it, exactly

They just can’t see?

For when they look –

They look through me

Beyond me

And around me.

Are they afraid to trace

The gentle curve of my smile?

To see in the depths of my eyes?

What are they afraid

They’ll see?

A reflection of themselves…

Perhaps their worn expression,

Or their disappointed faces –

That the façade peels

It cracks and fades

And betrays

Their carefully painted canvas

Where intimacy is lacking

And they seek

Neither to know themselves

Nor the world around them,

Their sole desire – to swiftly

Ride into that sunset

Like eager, perfect-smiling showmen

Look at me

Look at what I have amassed

Look at what I’ve accomplished

And for all the shortage of clout

In hold in my two hands,

I looked at everyone

With unabashed eyes

Seeking their distinctive smile

Hoping for

The veracity in their song.

I struggled alone

Through the weight of my days

Under the crippling expectation

Of a counterfeit smile

I was real

I was real

I was me.


© Sumyanna 2018


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Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

28 thoughts on “Poem: I’m Me

  1. Hi sumyanna hope u are well .
    P.S. my domain name is changed to


    1. Thank you. I am following you there, but have been incredibly busy this year. I am just now starting to get back to blogging and hope to read more of you 🙂


        1. Yes, I have been gone quite a while and I miss everyone horribly 🙂 Things are calming down here so that is a blessing. I wish the same for you as well.


  2. Hi Sumyanna, wonderful peace, showing you at your greatest depth and individuality. I can’t imagine anyone being able to not see the depth and wonder of you, though I think all to many people rush around with eyes open, but not able to see or understand. Great poem. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


    1. Oh, it has happened so many times I have stopped counting. It is sad, but I think we all have our own individual struggles. I am blessed that my husband and my children know. To me, that is more than enough 🙂 I have missed you – I’ve been away working hard on getting the kids ready for the real world. My oldest is going to college next year and it has taken a lot of work to sign her up for scholarships and visit colleges. I am slowly making my way back – it has taken a lot of scheduling and organization on my part, but I am not giving up on hope.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thanks for this reply, I havew not been very active myself, I just seem so tired, as this year rushes by. (it seems like just a few days ago thatthe shops were full of decorations and horriid Christmas jingles, and now here we are again! I have posted less and less as the year progressed, and my wife Genevieve’s health got worse and worse. Things are slowly looking up, and my Serbian friend Helena Santic Isakov, who poetry I helped to translate into English, has found a publisher for these works.She chose 30 of my poems and translated them into Serbian, so the one half of the book will have the both the poem and its translation together on facing pages, with some art work as well. i also had my first poem published in a magazine in South Africa come out, so things are moving forward. I did not realise that your daughter was old enough to go to college, what an adventure she is about to undertake. I hope she enjoys it and grows into the path that she has chosen. Great to hear from you again, I have also missed you a lot. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


    1. I am still here, I promise 🙂 Things have been incredibly busy and I do hope to touch on that in a post this week. I just have to balance my time, so I only had time today to post a poem. It is good to finally be back though. I have missed you both!


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