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Poem: What is Real Anymore?

This poem was written for this photograph I took recently at the Gardens during the winter.  It spoke to me…



I was tossed


to the wind.


by uncaring hands

and through the toss

and the turmoil

and the resulting pain,

I wondered –

how could I

let this happen again?

It is not as if

this stage is new

though seemingly

different characters

slide on by –

smiling to cover the pretense


is real!”

As sure as I live and breathe

you can trust


And my heart

is wont to trust

as it has been before

and before

and yet, again

and probably

always will be,

and I only hope

that at some point

the heart will trust

and it will be rewarded

with honesty.

What pleasure exists

in deflating someone’s hopes,

I’ll never know –

and perhaps, in truth,

they never shall earn

the value

of a true friend,

but I refuse

to stop trying

to discover

an authentic smile

and a sincere heart

despite the discomfort

of a few passing thorns

that couldn’t commit

to a thoughtful countenance.


© Sumyanna 2019




Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

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