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Poem: Desperate to be Acknowledged

Every once in a while, (okay, probably more often than that) I find an image that really speaks to me.  I hope you enjoy…




Desperate to be Acknowledged


It is the

well-hidden secret,

the palpable breath

upon your neck,

the steely gaze

of the oppressor,

its sunken truths

are visible –

for all the world to see

and nonetheless,

they remain unseen.

Or is it, perhaps



or rather yet,


It writhes there,

in the silence.

Begging permission

to breathe.

Am I alone,

in wanting

to be me?

In wanting

to run bravely

against the wind,

my kite tails dancing

across an azure sky?

To hold within my hands

the confidence

of a rising sun?

But still,

the truths are silent,

forlornly tucked away.

For vulnerability

seems to be

the only truth

we dare discern.

We seek not –

the truths within ourselves

and so yet,

we seek them not

within each other

and we all are

but a pale shell,


to be acknowledged.


© Sumyanna 2019


Image courtesy of Pixabay.




Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

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