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I Won’t Leave You Alone, a poem



I whispered

in the silent moments,

when no one else

was brave to speak

I wanted people to know –

I knew they were there.

Often, in the shadows

they would stand quietly,

hands in their pockets,

head down,

holding their worn,

uncomfortable smile

for fear someone would notice

that they were all alone.

But I had learned somehow –

to be unafraid.

I know the yearning

the desire for kindness

and I know how many times –

I was left empty-handed

wearing a well-worn smile

to hide the tears.

I saw you standing

in the corner

all alone

but I did not allow

the emptiness between us

to swallow us up.

Hand raised,

a rush forward,


 and then . . .





(c) Sumyanna 2018



Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

4 thoughts on “I Won’t Leave You Alone, a poem

  1. When Marcia was in university, one assignment she conducted was to go to the mall, pick out people, look into their eyes, and smile. She had a diverse number of reactions!

    We are never alone, but sometimes we can convince ourselves it seems that way.

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