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Photography: Summer Beauty Remembered (Part 01)

Last summer, I took a lot of photographs – but as you might remember, I had gone silent for a while.  I’ve been trying my best to give all that I can to the kids.  I know they won’t be around forever, so I have wanted to make every moment count.  Looking back, especially now – I am incredibly glad that I did take the time to stroll the gardens and spend more time outdoors with the kids back then.  I miss it so much now and hope that sometime soon I will be able to return.


So, browsing these photos hit me on so many levels – as a person not enjoying the outdoors when it truly brings me joy (our hiking trails and outdoor spaces have been crowded with people trying to get outside), as someone who relieves her stress and seeks comfort from nature, as someone who aches to take pictures and also who desires to be inspired by them… to write.  I am grateful that I have them here, that I can browse them and remember the time I spent taking them, and to feel almost as if I am out there now – in the midst of their beauty.  I hope it means something to you too.




















(c) Sumyanna, 2020



Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

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